Massagesalon Thuis


May I introduce myself, my name is Marijke.

I am the owner of and masseuse at Massagesalon Thuis.

I used to want to make people feel good.But a massage is so much more than just giving you a good feeling.

Without you knowing it, it improves your entire body, inside and out.

Because of my interest in massage, I started to delve into this.

This interest was sparked the moment I received my first massage.

At that moment I felt myself what a massage could mean for your whole body but also mentally.

It gave me so much peace and relaxation, and I loved that. Truly a unique experience!I also wanted to give that to others and especially let them experience it!After my training "oriental intuitive massages",

So I started to specialize further as a masseuse.

While giving a massage, I noticed that a massage has a lot of positive influence on people.

That a massage can contribute positively to improve your physical and mental system and bring it back into balance.

Your body and mind can function better through the massage.

This will make you feel more energetic and fitter, so you will feel "healthier".

Taking good care of your body does not only mean good nutrition and lots of exercise,

But also take your moment, do nothing for a while and relax through, for example, a well-deserved massage.

You can see it as a piece of maintenance for your body.

Giving massage to others is so incredibly beautiful and especially very grateful.

Time and time again I enjoy all the positive reactions I have received from clients,

They give me a huge boost, such as energy and positivity!

This energy and positivity always help me to make my guests feel comfortable.

Enjoy their well-deserved moment of rest and relaxation!In addition to training as a masseuse,

I have also followed various alternative courses,

And I opened my salon at home in 2008 with great enthusiasm.

At Massage Salon Thuis you are at the right place!

For a fully catered massage, treatment or arrangement with full attention for you.

I hope to see you soon in my massage parlor.

Sincerely, Marijke