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Brain disease with memory loss due to Dementia and Alzheimer's illness

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Questions about PRACTICE:

What kind of company is Massage Salon Home? - Massagesalon Thuis is located in my house in Ede.

I (Marijke) am a full-time self-employed owner and masseuse.

Massage room - The massage room is located on the 2nd floor (attic)

The practice is not wheelchair accessible, the room is only accessible by stairs.

How many maseurs are there? - I give all massages and treatments myself, there are no other masseurs present.

Massage on location - It is not possible for me to give massage at other locations.

I don't go into people's homes or other locations.

massages and treatments are only given in the practice in ede.


Who is welcome? - Everyone is welcome! I massage men and women from 4 to 100+ years old.

what kind of oil is used during the massage? - At Massage Salon Home, massage is done with apricot kernel oil.

This oil is a natural odorless oil without essential oil.

This oil is also rich in vitamins A and B and also contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

Apricot kernel oil has a nourishing effect on the tissue, suitable for all skin types and is especially suitable for dry and dehydrated skin.

Also suitable for sensitive skin and nut allergies.

The oil can be scented with various essential oils suitable for the massage.

Questions about CLOTHING:

Which clothes do I keep on or off during the massage? - During a massage you keep your underwear on.

For women, the bra can be removed, but it is not necessary.

During the massage I loosen the closure of the bra.

During the massage you will be covered with towels.

Only the part that I massage is stripped of the towel.

I would like to be completely naked, is that allowed? - No that is not allowed! I don't like it when someone is completely naked.

It is also not hygienic. You always keep your briefs, boxers or underpants on during the massage.

Questions about CHILD/ TEEN MASSAGE:

From what age can massages be given at Massagesalon Thuis? - I give massages to children from 4 years old

Can a parent or supervisor be present during the massage? - Up to and including the age of 15, at least 1 parent and/or supervisor must be present

required at Massage Salon Home.

This gives both the child and the parent a familiar feeling.

It is also important to me that there is a person of trust present for the child.

Although the child may be used to receiving a massage from you,

it is especially exciting the first time when a strange person touches you.

It is also important to me that you give permission for a massage for your child.


Is a massage possible with a disability? - Even if you have a disability you are of course very welcome

Massage room - The massage room is on the 2nd floor (attic) and accessible via a staircase.

My house and massage room is not wheelchair accessible, so it is important that you go to the massage room yourself

can move.

The massage table is also not electric, it is also important that you can get on the table yourself.

I need a companion - If you would like to bring a companion, he/she is of course also very welcome.

Please note: there is no waiting area. Your supervisor will then wait in the treatment room.

Questions about TRAUMA MASSAGE:

What clothes do I wear? - During a trauma massage you keep clothes on.

As soon as you feel comfortable, you decide what I can or cannot massage.

And of course also whether you want to take off a piece of clothing or not.

Questions about TREATMENTS:


Reachable:- Massage salon Thuis is located in Ede (district Kernhem)

Centrally located between Veenendaal and Bennekom, the district is located on the A30 and N224.

Parking-There is free parking next to and opposite the house. (parking at numbers 20 or 26 and P spots)

public transport- With bus transport line 5 - from Veenendaal station - de clog it is a 10-minute walk from the stop to the salon.

Questions about PAYMENT OPTIONS:

How can I pay?- At Massagesalon Thuis you can only pay with pin payments.

Cash payments are not accepted!

Gift vouchers: - buy online or in the salon. You pay this online or in the salon

Questions about SOCIAL MEDIA:

Which social media are you on? -You can find me on Instagram

Instagram: -On Instagram you can follow me and stay informed of all news and offers

Social Deal: -Many people got to know Massagesalon Thuis through Social deal.

Due to busy schedules, I have decided to stop Social deal.

This means that there is now more room in the agenda and much shorter waiting time for a relaxing moment.

Instead of Social deal, Marijke now keeps you informed of all offers via the website, newsletter and Instagram.

Can I post photos on social media? - During the massage, no photos may be taken of the person being massaged.

This is for privacy and protection of this person.

Do you still have permission from the person in question?

Then you may only use the photos for private use and not for social media or sharing with others.

Taking photos of the practice room is only allowed in consultation with masseuse Marijke.

Posting practice room photos on social media only in consultation!