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Which dosha type are you?

In Ayurveda we talk about 3 types of people.

we also call these 3 types doshas.

Every type of person has his or her own characteristics.

The three types of dosha are:

  • vata - air, spaces
  • pitta - fire, water
  • Kapha - water, earth

Every person has 1 dominant dosha, in combination with 1 or 2 other doshas.

When your dosha is out of balance, this can cause physical or mental complaints.

You can prevent or improve imbalance in your dosha by changing your lifestyle.

For example, through a healthier diet or exercise.

But also by taking sufficient rest and ensuring the necessary relaxation can already have an effect on improvement.

With relaxation you could of course think of, for example, taking a massage.

During an Abhyanga massage special Ayurvedic herbal oil is used.

There are also 3 types with this massage oil, just like the doshas.

If you decide to take an Abhyanga massage, I ask you to do a dosha test.

You can also find these online here.

Of course you can also do this test just out of curiosity or to find out which dosha you are.

The result of the dosha test will determine which Ayurvedic massage oil we will use.

Do you want to know more about doshas?

Read more about this on the dosha page.

Here you can also do the dosha test, always fun and certainly useful to know which type you are.

If you want to come and enjoy an Ayurveda treatment, please complete the test as honestly as possible.

And send to: