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Do you suffer from recurring head, neck, shoulder or back pain?

Or overloaded muscles in arms or legs?

This can be caused by trigger points or knots in the muscles.

What are trigger points and what cause them?


These are small spasms that cause pain not only in the muscle, but also in nearby nerves and body parts.

Usually it feels like a deep penetrating pain, but the pain can also be experienced as a stabbing pain due to movement.

In addition to pain, these spasms also cause other symptoms such as dizziness, earache, sinus infection, nausea, heartburn, heart rhythm disturbances and numbness.

Trigger points can be caused by too much stress, overload, injuries, alcohol or chemicals.

Trigger points move the sensation of pain.

The annoying thing about trigger points is that they distract from pain.Often the cause of the pain starts at 1 point but radiates to the other.

For example, you suffer from recurring headaches, but this is caused by a trigger point in the shoulders.


Relieve pain in minutes


A Massage focused on trigger points can provide relief in just a few minutes.Most problems can be mitigated or even removed.Long-term complaints can be significantly improved in less than a month and a half by having regular massages.

By exerting pressure on cramped spots in the muscles, pain can be relieved and functions of weakened parts of the body can improve.

This massage is often experienced as very relaxing after the treatment.

Trigger point massage for maintenance

A trigger point massage is also recommended if you have a profession where you regularly have to deal with overload of muscles,

or work pressure that causes stress.

But physical and mental tension and stress can of course also arise in your private ulcer.

Did you know that you can even unconsciously overload your muscles and cramp in your sleep?

A massage can also help you to maintain your body after treatment with a physiotherapist.

When you regularly take a massage, your muscles remain flexible, and thus ensures a physical and mental relaxation.

and so you reduce the chance of these trigger points coming back. (the complaint)


Also with chronic complaints, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism,

a massage is nice to help soften the annoying pain, and thus keep the muscles flexible.

Would you like to receive a supportive massage in addition to your physio treatment?

Always let the physiotherapist or the treating doctor know,

Ask him or her for advice whether this is advisable in case of your complaints.


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