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One of the biggest causes of all complaints and diseases are waste products.

Waste that we ingest through our food, but also through stress, tension, environmental pollution, electro, smog

(TV, laptop, mobile phone) but also medication, alcohol, etc.

Our bodies initially put waste in places where they cause as little damage as possible.

And that is in the connective tissue, muscles and joints.

But slowly the connective tissue slips, muscles become acidic and joints become inflamed.

Pain and complaints arise.

Guasha is not yet well known in the Netherlands.

Yet remarkable results are achieved with this scraping therapy.

Guasha technique:

Guasha is an ancient scraping technique massage with the aim of:

The removal of stored waste in places where it should not be and a better flow of blood and energy.

It is a way of making invisible blockages in the body visible on the skin.

These invisible blockages are waste products that are stored in the connective tissue, muscles and joints.

This happens when the body is no longer able to remove all waste products through the lymphatic system.

The connective tissue silts up, the muscles become acidic and the joints become inflamed.

Also the blood and energy can no longer flow properly.

You can get a lot of complaints because of all this.

Guasha stimulates the detoxification mechanism, so that the body can remove the released waste.

Blood and energy can flow again, various complaints and/or illness will decrease or disappear completely.

Guasha offers quick results for many different complaints,

but it is certain that the overall energy level will increase by leaps and bounds.

Because Guasha has a deep cleansing effect on the entire body, it is very suitable for persistent and long-lasting complaints!

But Guasha also offers a solution for acute complaints.

In addition, it can be used preventively.

Furthermore, Guasha not only works on a physical level, but also on an emotional level.

Because of this, it is possible that after a treatment you are more emotional or that certain feelings and thoughts suddenly occur to you.

It is a complete cleansing treatment for both body and mind.

Guasha cleans up!

The immune system:

The overall energy level often goes up in leaps and bounds.

Guasha strengthens the immune system, regulates organ functions, reduces stress, brings balance and promotes the detoxification mechanism.Local acidification, often the main cause of pain, resolves quickly.

Guasha can be treated well for many complaints.

Both preventive and actual resolution of the complaint:

  • All pain syndromes
  • Neck and shoulder complaints
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Back problems
  • RSI
  • stress
  • Burnout
  • Rheumatic complaints
  • Asthma
  • Digestive Disorders
  • High bloodpressure
  • Chronic fatigue

Guasha treatment:

In guasha therapy a special herbal oil is used.

This oil is used to protect the skin so that it is not damaged.

This oil also improves blood circulation, relieves pain and removes blockages.

At a Massagesalon Thuis, I use different scraping tools.

Such guasha scraping sticks and tools made of wood and jade gemstone.

These tools are used to stroke the skin vigorously.

We call this scraping.

The pressure of the scraping creates a kind of suction under the skin in the connective tissue.

The waste is thus raised.Scraping makes the skin pink.

Discolorations and/or bruising appear in places where there are many waste products or blockages.

This is called Sha.

These discolorations can be light red, but also dark red, blue, purple and even black.

The darker the color, the deeper the blockage and the more chronic or older the complaint is.

The discoloration is nothing but released waste mixed with a little blood.

In a place where there are waste products, the capillaries are weak and blood vessels brittle.

The friction of the scraper against the skin will cause these capillaries to burst in the contaminated areas and release a drop of blood.

Then the capillary closes again.

This blood enters the soft connective tissue (between the skin and the muscle tissue).

Because there should be no blood in the connective tissue, the immune system is activated to remove the blood and waste products.

When the top layer has become cleaner, the body has the ability to bring waste from deeper layers to the surface.

This will also make the internal organs cleaner.

The effect of the treatment cannot be measured by the amount of Sha that appears.

Even if no Sha appears, a process of releasing waste is initiated.

A Guasha treatment takes about 60 minutes.

a 30 minute treatment is also possibleIn.

a normal condition, the red areas disappear completely within 3 to 7 days.

The skin may feel slightly sensitive for a few days after the guasha treatment.

This differs per person.Because the skin and body need time to recover, a follow-up appointment is only scheduled after 2 weeks.

With each subsequent Guasha treatment, the spots will turn less dark and they will disappear faster after the treatment.

It is also recommended to drink plenty of water after this treatment.

This promotes the removal of waste from the body.

I also recommend that you protect your skin from the sun in warm, sunny weather.

your skin needs time to recover and is therefore very sensitive to sunburn.

"Guasha literally means to scrape the disease from the body"

"Your body becomes fit and vital again"


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