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I often hear from my clients, that their son or daughter would also like to receive a massage from a real masseur

And I am asked if I also want to give their son or daughter a massage.And yes of course I would like to do that.

Time and again it is beautiful to see how these little ladies and gentlemen enjoy their relaxing moment so intensely.


Touching and being touched is vital for both adults and children.A lot is expected of children in daily life.

The own development goes at a high speed and this sometimes leads to,

restlessness, tension, insomnia, bedwetting and behavioral problems.

Children who receive regular massages can play more intensively, sleep more peacefully and become more productive.

Child massage can also have a positive effect on children with ADHD and autism-related disorders.

By massaging a child at a young age, a child will feel supported and get to know the limits of his own body.

As a result, it can determine its own space and deal better with conflicts and tensions.

Effects kids massage:

  • Child gains confidence

  • child will communicate better

  • Child will cooperate better

  • Child sleeps better and wakes up more rested

  • Child can concentrate better and longer

  • Child will grow better

  • Child will feel better about himself

How does a kids massage go?

As a parent/guardian you are always present at the massage.

Before I start a massage, we discuss with you and the child what exactly we are going to do.

The massage is completely tailored to the wishes of the child.

It is also discussed whether any physical complaints are present.

And whether they need extra attention.

During a child massage, the back, legs and feet are massaged as standard.

Depending on the wishes of the child, complaints and purpose of the massage,

it is also possible to massage the abdomen and head.

Having a massage by someone else can be very exciting for your son or daughter.

Nothing happens that your child (or you) does not want!

During the massage, your child's body is completely covered with towels.

Only the massaged part is removed from the towel.

Although this is a massage that uses oil, it can also be massaged through clothing.

With children's massage, because of their purity, the emphasis is not so much on massage of the muscles,

but especially on an attentive and loving massage.

Follow-up appointments depend on the child and in consultation with the parent.

Children's massage is suitable for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Head massage: a head massage gives peace of mind.

Children have to process a lot of stimuli.With a head massage a child is completely relaxed.

Abdominal massage: all kinds of processes take place in your abdomen,

including processing your impressions and emotions.

Foot Massage: a foot massage literally brings you back into balance.

Arms and hands massage: Tense arms and clenched fists indicate insecurity, self-protection and unresolved anger.

By massaging arms and hands we remove the tension in the body.

Back massage: the back keeps our body upright and in balance.

Back massage affects the whole body.

This is positive for the body and the thoughts in the head.

Who is pediatric massage for?

  • Children who really want to go to a masseur just like mom and dad
  • Children who have difficulty with stimulus processing
  • Children with ADD, ADHD or features of autism
  • Highly sensitive children
  • Gifted children* mobile children
  • Children with sleeping problems
  • Intestinal or abdominal complaints (without medical cause)
  • Children with growing pains
  • Children who often have a cold


  • Calming effect
  • Better processing of impressions
  • For children and young people aged 4-12 years

kids with trauma

A massage is also advisable for children with trauma.

Think of traumas such as:

  • Being bullied
  • Abuse
  • Mental abuse
  • War past

For children with trauma, the massage is always carried out step by step.

They also keep the top clothing on

For example, during a first treatment the arms and hands will be massaged and not the body.

The child itself indicates which part is and which part is not massaged.

In this way we build up the massage step by step.

The child gradually gains more self-confidence,

With the aim that they will experience touch as pleasant again and that this does not have to be threatening.

Even when trauma is present, the rule comes first, nothing has to be done!

The child always decides what will and will not be done.

Even if that means that you prefer not to have a massage during the appointment.


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