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a moment just for Mother

your body has been through quite a bit during pregnancy and afterwards.

A moment of relaxation and rest in this busy time after the birth is now extra important and pleasant.

During the Mama Massage you really have a moment for yourself.

Besides the fact that it is of course nice to escape from all the hustle and bustle,

Mother Massage also helps you to recover faster after pregnancy.

Some women still suffer from complaints for up to a year after giving birth, such as pain in the neck, shoulders and/or (lower) back, headache, fatigue, fluid retention and pelvic pain.

The Mother Massage provides relief in the event of any complaints and improves blood circulation so that you recover better.

Massage can provide relief from certain complaints, such as a tired feeling in the lower back and pelvis,

sleeping problems, water retention, changes in hormone balance.

Massage improves circulation, reduces stress and promotes total relaxation of body and mind.

The massage is calm and not intensive.

The mother massage can be given from 6 weeks after the birth.In a caesarean section 8 weeks after delivery.

At the end of the massage I also give you a wonderful foot massage to stimulate the uterus,

ovaries and possibly breastfeeding (milk production).

During the massage you will be massaged on a special pregnancy table.

For after childbirth, the breast recess is removed, so that you can lie comfortably on your stomach.

Even if the abdomen is still sensitive, for example after a caesarean section, it is possible to remove the abdominal recess.

you can mention this with your reservation.

Mother massage

Motherhood demands a lot from you, both mentally and physically.

As a result, you may be tired, worrying or stressed.

The mother massage helps you to let go of worries, gain energy and relax with a moment for yourself.

Also try... beautiful mother arrangement

Dream away completely?

Then try a beautiful mother massage package.

That is a wonderful moment especially for you.

Come enjoy a warm oil massage, back and legs scrub treatment, and a back mask.

"At the end of the massage you are wonderfully relaxed"

"You feel rested and full of energy"

Close up plan of beautiful brunette enjoying an oil massage at the hea
Peaceful brunette getting a salt scrub beauty treatment in the health
  • Mother Massage Package

  • Especially for mothers who have just given birth (6 - 8 weeks after birth)

  • Gentle/medium massage

  • Package total 60 or 90 minutes

  • Scrub Massage with orange scrub salt

  • Scrub (back) or (back + legs behind)
  • Back mask- Lavender / honey cream

  • Mother massage with warm mandarin oil


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