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"Take care of yourself  in this beautiful time"Congratulations on your pregnancy!

A beautiful, but also intensive period.

When you are pregnant, a lot changes in your body.

Taking time for yourself is extra important.

At Massagesalon Thuis, Marijke also gives pregnancy massage for the mother-to-be.

If you are pregnant, it is definitely recommended to come and enjoy during your pregnancy.

Time for yourself!

This can all cause stress in your body, which of course is not good for you and the baby.

A pregnancy massage can help to reduce these complaints and make you feel calmer, which makes it easier to relax, even during childbirth!

The difference between a regular and a pregnancy massage?

Is there a difference? Yes, and this should not be underestimated.

There are several points that the masseuse takes into account, for example:

  • Pressure points: Some pressure points are connected to the uterus and it is important not to activate them during the massage.
  • Heat massage: Massages that use heat are not recommended: hot stone massage,

         herbal stamp massages and massages on a heating pad are not suitable for pregnant women.

Massage table:

At Massagesalon Thuis, the massage is given on a special pregnancy massage table.

This table offers a lot of comfort, it also has a special recess for your stomach.

The abdomen is supported by means of a wide band (adjustable), so you can lie on your stomach perfectly.

In addition to a cutout for your stomach, there are also cutouts for your breasts, which is nice if they are sensitive.

When can you have a pregnancy massage?

During the first 3 months it is not recommended to do a pregnancy massage (also regular massages!).

A simple muscle massage for relaxation is still possible, but the more extensive firm massages such as a deep tissue massage are not.

This is because these massages release many waste products that can be harmful to the baby in the first months.

From the 4th month ( from week 14) you can safely go for a pregnancy massage.

In principle, you can continue with this massage until you give birth.

How does the massage work?

Before the first massage, Marijke will ask questions about the course of your pregnancy and explain how the massage works.

Indicate whether you have any complaints and if so what they are.

If you have high or low blood pressure, you should first consult your midwife.

Also indicate if you do not want to be massaged certain body parts.

Marijke can then adjust the treatment to focus extra on the problem areas.

Then the massage begins.




An important part of the massage will be foot reflexology, but the lower back, abdominal muscles and ligaments will also be gently massaged.

During pregnancy, a lot of fluid is also retained, through gentle lymphatic techniques, the fluid circulation is stimulated.

This leads to better drainage of excess moisture.


Why is a pregnancy massage advisable?

You will be surprised at how many benefits a pregnancy massage actually has.

  • Relaxation: By giving the skin intensive attention, chemicals are released in the body that can lead to relaxation.

         The release of chemicals is good for you but also for the baby

  • Feeling good: If your back and legs start to suffer from the 4th month, a massage can provide relief.From the 7th month, thanks to the fast-growing baby, you can also suffer from pelvic and shoulders. A massage is a great solution.

  • Strengthens the immune system: A relaxing massage strengthens your immune system, making you less susceptible to diseases.

  • Sleep better: Pregnant women who receive regular massages sleep better.


  • Less stress: Massages reduce the production of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the brain, so you have less stress.

  • Lose waste faster: During a pregnancy massage, your blood circulation improves and your lymphatic system is stimulated.

         This ensures that oxygen, nutrients and waste products are transported more quickly through your body to and from your baby.

  • Relief for varicose veins: Thanks to the massage you get a better blood circulation, which can relieve varicose veins.

  • Less likely to have a premature baby: Research has shown that women who received regular pregnancy massagesless often had a premature baby compared to a group without massages. The chance of having an underweight baby was also smaller.


How often can you have a massage during pregnancy?

Once you've done it a few times, you'll probably want to come more often.

From the 4th month you can be massaged once every four to six weeks.

After the 7th month you can be massaged more often, for example once every 2 weeks.

The fast-growing baby often causes extra back and shoulder complaints.

Often 1 pregnancy massage can already provide improvement or relief.

In addition, you often have time off work after the 7th month.

And then it's great to relax for a while.

When should you avoid a pregnancy massage?


It never hurts to ask your doctor or midwife to be sure if taking a massage is okay for you. Especially if you:


  •    Have a lot of (morning) nausea and vomiting
  •    You are at increased risk of miscarriage
  •    You have a high-risk pregnancy


Have you received permission from your doctor? Then book your relaxing moment.

Don't wait too long to book!

I hear it more often in my salon: “Too bad I only came now.” or “I should have done this a long time ago!”

A pregnancy massage is also really wonderful.

But don't wait too long to book, because it is often pleasantly busy in the practice.

short-term reservations are often not possible.

Moreover, if you can come more often, you will enjoy and benefit more from your massage.

Tip! You can of course also book in advance if you are just pregnant.

You can then reserve your moments for when you are 14 weeks later, via the online reservation system.

This way you are assured of your rest moments during pregnancy.

Short cancellations for your appointment during pregnancy are of course allowed.

No costs will be charged in case of cancellation.

Also try...Beautiful mother package

Dream away completely? Then try a beautyful mother package.

That is a wonderful relaxing moment especially for you.

You will then enjoy a warm oil massage, back and legs scrub treatment, and a back mask

Close up plan of beautiful brunette enjoying an oil massage at the hea
Peaceful brunette getting a salt scrub beauty treatment in the health
  • Pregnancy Massage Package

    Especially for expectant mothers (from 14 weeks)

  • Gentle/medium massage

  • Package total 60 or 90 minutes

  • Scrub Massage with orange scrub salt

  • Scrub (back) or (back + legs behind)
  • Back mask- Lavender / honey cream

  • Pregnancy massage with warm mandarin oil


Reservations can be made online 24/7.

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