Massagesalon Thuis


Surrender yourself to a wonderful massage as it is given in India.

The perfect massage to relax the head, neck and shoulders.

This massage promotes sleep, relieves pain & stiffness and ensures that stress decreases for you.

Exactly where you stand!


Daily busyness can lead to headaches, tired eyes,a stiff neck and sore shoulders.

A head massage immediately relaxes these blockages.

The blood circulation is also stimulated, so that the waste products are removed more easily and quickly.

The Indian head massage is a relaxing treatment of the head,combined with massage of the face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

The massage consists of alternating firm and soft grips in a pleasant rhythm,this provides relief in a quick and effective way.


"Feel the burdens and tensions lift off your shoulders

In  a short time you will feel relaxed and recharged"


The massage is performed on a massage table in order to achieve complete relaxation.

The Indian massage can be booked as a 30-minute treatment,

but can also be combined with Abhyanga massage and kansu foot massage

MComplete your Ayurvedic experience

Indian head massage can also be combined with:

Ayurvedic herbal oil

With an Ayhurvedic massage you will be massaged with a special herbal oil.

This oil is aimed at your dosha type.

To find out which dosha type you are, you will receive a dosha test by email.

Complete this test and return it.

Masseur Marijke will then know which oil she can best use for you.

Do you want to know more about what a dosha type is?

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