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The kansu foot massage is mainly given in India at wedding ceremonies.

With the aim of letting the bride and groom relax and have a good start into the marriage.

Ayurveda means 'the knowledge of life' and strives for health through balance.

The Kansu bowl is handcrafted from 5 different metals, including copper, zinc and bronze.

The two other metals in the Kansu bowl have traditionally been kept secret.

All Kansu bowls are made by skilled craftsmen,

In India and each Kansu bowl is unique with its own vibrational energy.


Due to the special combination of metals, it balances the temperature of the body.

The feet are massaged with the round side of the bowl and brings a deep spiritual,

and physical relaxation thanks to the pressure exerted on special reflex points on the feet.

The foot massage with the Kansu bowl is ideal for balancing the excess of the element "fire" in the body.

Such as: frustrations, irritability and anger and is beneficial to soothe emotional states such as stress,

anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, burnout and insomnia.


What can you expect during a Kansu foot massage?


You lie down on the massage table, (fully clothed, but with bare feet and calves) with your feet slightly elevated on a pillow.

The Kansu cup is used rubbing, tapping and twisting in circles on the sole of the foot.

Each foot receives 15 minutes of Kansu love and care.

At the end of the session, each foot is wrapped in a towel, which helps the skin absorb the nourishing oil.


In addition, kansu foot massage can also be combined with Abhyanga massage and Indian head massage.

With an Abhyanga massage in combination with a kansu massage, your body is covered with towels.

Complete your Ayurvedic experience.

Kansu foot massage can also be combined with:


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