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Bamboo massage originates from ancient China.

In China, bamboo is a symbol of youth, because the plant is always green,and it does not discolour when it dries out.

The plant also represents strength, prosperity, peace and flexibility.


Bamboo massage uses specially processed bamboo sticks.

It is a light to quite firm massage.

By using the bamboo sticks, this massage works deeply on the muscles,

  • which makes the massage comparable to a sports massage.


The massage provides total relaxation, but it is also an activating massage.

It helps to reduce the symptoms of fatigue and stress.

If you need energy and strength, this massage is a must to try.

The bamboo sticks stimulate the nerves in the skin and muscles,

which increases the blood flow,and waste disposal are improved.

The bamboo massage is also a good choice for severe muscle pain and a stuck neck or shoulders.

What does bamboo massage do for you?

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Provides deep relaxation

  • Soothes the muscles, effective approach to tension knots (e.g. in neck and shoulders)

  • Promotes body energy

  • Helps to purify the body of waste

    ( It stimulates the excretion of the lymphatic system so that waste products no longer,

    accumulate so quickly in our lymph nodes)

When is a Bamboo massage suitable for you?

  • If you like a more firm massage

  • With stuck muscles

  • If you like massage, and want to experience the massage in a different way.

"Your body is in better condition after the massage and you feel energetic, powerful and fit again"

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