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A Chakra healing hot stone massage gives you a wonderful inner peace.

Your body makes contact with the cosmic energy,

because the energy channels of the chakras (7 chakra points) are stimulated during the massage.

A blessing for muscles and joints.

The massage provides hormone balance, stress reduction, flow of life energy, space in the body, detoxifying,

higher level of consciousness, better blood circulation and pain relief.

How does the massage work?

During the massage you will be massaged with warm gemstones.

There is massage with red jasper, carnelian, yellow jade, green jade, and moss agate.

Various gemstones are also placed around the body.Such as, for example, Amethyst, rock crystal, aventurine, rose quartz, citrine.

Each gemstone has its unique effect, the stones have a cleansing and energetic effect on body and mind.

During the massage, each chakra part on the body is massaged with the matching stone.

For example, the legs are massaged with red jasper, which have a strong grounding effect.

Hip part with carnelian, belly yellow jade and so on.The warm stones also have a deep effect on the body.

You will feel wonderfully relaxed and in balance after the massage.

Clients often indicate that they feel one with their body again.

That fatigue flows away and that they have a recharged feeling after this massage.

The massage gives peace of mind, relieves muscle pain, chronic pain, it detoxifies your body.

Because it is massaged with various gemstones, the massage also helps with various complaints.

Each stone has its unique effect:

Massage with warm gemstones has a deep healing effect on the body and mind.

Masseuse Marijke brings all 7 chakras back into balance through energetic treatment (Reiki).

She ensures that all ckakakras turn nicely together like a cogwheel.

Making you feel one with your body again as if all the puzzle pieces are complete again.

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