Massagesalon Thuis


One of the oldest and most well-known massages is a classic wellness massage.

The aim of this massage is to bring body and mind back into balance.

By various techniques, such as stroking movements and kneading.

the blood circulation in the muscles is stimulated, the removal of waste is activated

and muscle tension will disappear.

Your body will be completely massaged with warm massage oil.

Sprinkling the heated oil feels great and pleasant on the skin.

The massage is alternated with pressure point massage and balancing.


What does the massage do for you?

The massage aims to detoxify, relax, nourish and balance your body and mind.

It brings your body and mind closer together and stimulates the body's self-healing capacity.

The massage also has an activating effect on the lymphatic system and circulation, reducing stress, fatigue and insomnia.


Total time of this massage: 60 minutes, back of the body, back, arms, legs and feet (Excluding head massage)

I also offer you a 90-minute variant, in which the front and back are massaged.

You will also receive an Indian head and facial massage after 90 minutes of the massage.

This massage is a mix of ultimate relaxation, and a blessing of relief for body and mind!

Give yourself a totally relaxing gift... Take a massage package!

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Close up plan of beautiful brunette enjoying an oil massage at the hea
Peaceful brunette getting a salt scrub beauty treatment in the health
  • Scrub massage with orange scrub salt

  • Scrub (back) or (back + legs behind)
  • Lavender/ honey creame back mask
  • Massage with warm lavender/ orange oil
  • Package total time 60 or 90 minutes
  • Gentle/ medium massage
  • Combined with pressure piont massage
  • A relaxing moment especially for women
Relaxed young man receiving a back massage in a spa center
  • Scrub massage with Apple/ cinnamon scrub salt

  • Scrub (back) or (back + legs behind)
  • Coconut creame back mask
  • Massage with warm cool men oil
  • Package total time 60 or 90 minutes
  • Gentle/ meduim massage
  • Combined with pressure point massage
  • A relaxing moment especially for men


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