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Side effects during or after the massage

A massage is a gift for you, but also for your body.

While you are enjoying a massage, a lot is happening inside your body.

All functions in your body are literally turned "on".

  • Your blood circulation will flow better, which speeds up the removal of waste

  • Your blood pressure lowers during the massage

  • Massage reduces the amount of 'stress hormones'

  • Improves the immune system

  • The number of immune cells (natural killer cells and lymphocytes) increases

  • Stiff or stuck joints become looser, more mobile

  • May reduce depression and anxiety and worry

  • Has a beneficial effect on blood levels

Very occasionally a massage can also have side effects.

I have been giving massages myself since 2008

In all these years I have only heard from clients twice, that they experienced side effects after a massage.

These were, for example, complaints such as feeling sick and dizzy or more muscle pain after treatment of trigger points.

Despite these two complaints, I would like to report the possible side effects here.

Important! Before the massage, always report your complaints

and points of attention that I must take into account.

I will always ask you about that before the massage starts

It is good to drink more water after the massage to remove waste products that have been released faster.

It is good to report important matters at the beginning of the massage.

Be extra kind to yourself:

It is wise and wonderful to give yourself a moment of rest immediately after the massage.

Therefore do not plan your massage appointment on a busy day, but when you are free.

So that after your massage you can still enjoy yourself and your body and mind can fully relax.

Reaction and effects during the massage

  • Sweating, getting cold or warm

  • Temporary feeling of being unwell

  • Feeling tingling, itching, tickling or tingling

  • Drowsiness, deep relaxation

  • Feeling like you don't feel the legs and feet anymore, feeling high

  • Rise of emotions

Reactions or effects shortly after the massage

  • Dizziness, floaty feeling

  • walking on clouds

  • Energetic feeling

  • Feeling sleepy, drowsy

  • More or less appetite

  • Nausea

Reactions or effects days after the massage

  • Darker urine (sometimes with strong odor)

  • Increased perspiration

  • Increased intestinal secretion (possibly diarrhea, smelly with gas, different color)

Other reactions after the massage

  • Temporary worsening of complaints or return of complaints that later disappear

  • Changed feelings in many areas

  • Sleep better

  • Improve skin and tissue tension

Important! when in doubt, always consult a doctor or ask the masseur for advice

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