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For which complaints can i not have massage?


General complaints:

Where it is not allowed to massage

  • A fever

  • Infections such as flu, cold, strep throat etc.

  • Antibiotics (consult with your doctor)

  • Heart complaints and heart defects (relaxation can cause heart rate to drop. Consult with your doctor)

  • Blood thinners (consult your doctor)

  • Medicines with a yellow warning sticker (consult your doctor)

  • Unknown and a lot of pain

  • Cancer (consult your doctor, in some cases it may be okay)Boils (risk of infection and risk of expansion)

  • Extraordinary fatigue or exhaustion

  • Infectious skin conditions

  • First 3 months of pregnancy (fetus may let go)

Local complaints:

There is no massage on the part of the body where the complaint is located,

the rest of the body can be massaged.

Consult your doctor with the following complaints

  • Sudden physical trauma, injury, injury, bruising, or swelling(s)

  • Inflammation or tumors (risk of worsening or spreading)

  • Thickenings, where there is doubt about the cause

Relatively general or local complaints:

Massage is allowed if the location of the condition is taken into account

massage duration and/or technique

  • Use of painkillers, stimuli are processed less well

  • Use of Antidepressants - Talk to Your Doctor Interesting

  • Active inflammation - massage can make this worse

  • Injuries - scrapes, cuts, stabs or burns are very unpleasant to be massaged

  • Edema formation - swelling, fluid retention where the cause is doubtful

  • Inflammation of the vessels - damage to the weakened vessels due to the pressure

  • Nerve inflammation - hypersensitivity of the region where the inflammation is present

  • Subcutaneous bleeding

  • Psoriasis

  • Thrombosis

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If you are not sure whether you can have a massage, always first consult your general practitioner, physiotherapist.

Or contact your masseur beforehand to discuss your personal situation.


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