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What is Chakra Balancing?

Chakra literally translates as "the wheel of light".

A chakra is a revolving energy center that surrounds the bodyfrom its environment with vital energy.

Everyone has 7 main chakras, which are located from the base to the top of the crown.

Each chakra point is connected to hormone glands, which affect all important functions in our body.

Through a chakra balancing treatment, blockages in the body are detected and treated.

In this way you can expose recurring problems and complaints in a short time, and treat them effectively.

With the chakras in balance you not only feel better, but you also function better!

What is Crystal Healing?

Healing naturally with gemstones, the use of gemstones and minerals is very old.

In ancient times gemstones were used by many peoples, ranging from the cure of diseases, to their use in rituals,

for the propitiation of the gods and in many other magical uses.

With Crystal Healing, crystal or gemstones are placed on the body, these help to bring balance to the energy of the body.

This therapy has a relaxing effect and can be seen as a subtle, meditative form of energetic body's work.

According to the therapy, each stone has a certain energetic effect for the body.

Crystal therapy can help balance and maintain energy, which improves the health of your body.

During the treatment you also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious warm oil massage beforehand.

Your body comes to rest where the balancing is even better expressed and your body and mind come into balance.In addition,

during and after the massage we work with gemstones Crystal healing

Also Try...

"For complete relaxation"

"Combine crystal healing with a massage"

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  • Massage with hot gemstones
  • Enegetic massage
  • Brings chakra energies back into balance
  • Provides relief for various complaints
  • Soothes pain in chronic complaints
  • Provides peace of mind in case of stress and fatigue
  • Gives new energy
  • Suitable for pregnancy

  • Massage with hot of cold jade stones
  • Restores and cleanses
  • Provides relief for various complaints
  • Soothes pain in chronic complaints
  • Provides peaces of mind in case of stess and fatigue
  • Gives new energy
  • Suitable for pregnancy
  • Available all year round

  • Can also be combined with crystal healing


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