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Where does it come from?

The power of fire has fascinated mankind since prehistoric times.

With the control of the element "fire" man has heat and light.

The ear candles also enjoy the same fascinating interest.

They have been known as natural medicines for centuries.

Originally, the ear candle was a shaman tradition.

The historical roots were found in Asia, with the Maya and withThe North and South American Indians.

Some sources even speak of China, Egypt and the Tibetan monks.

This form of therapy was rediscovered by the Hopi Indians, an ancient Pueblo tribe,

After which this custom ended up in Europe.

This tribe has a great medical knowledge and has developed a very high spirituality.

Ancient relief wall paintings testify to their importance in initiation rituals.

Or healing ceremonies at this fire tribe.


How does it work?

The Hopi candle is lit at the top end and burns slowly like a torch.

During the burning of the Ear Candle, different phases can be distinguished in the operation of the Ear Candle.

The chimney effect creates a slight negative pressure (attracts air from below)

In the external auditory canal and a vibration of the air column by the action of the flame.

Subsequently, the pressure ratios change.

Due to this pressure regulation, the eardrum is lightly massaged and a gentle heat works in the middle and inner ear.

During further combustion, especially after the burnt part has been “turned over”,

Creates a slightly pulsating overpressure in the external auditory canal and intensifies the heat,

It is transferred to acupuncture points in the ear and it stimulates.


What does it do?

The blood flow is strengthened and the immune system and the detoxifying circulation of the lymph nodes are activated.

Skin breathing is restored and clogged pores are cleared.

Due to the chimney effect and the heat, waste products and sediments are painlessly drawn in and pushed upwards and stored against the inner wall of the candle.

Ear candles were traditionally used for purification and harmonization of the various energetic fields of humans,

To liberate negative energies.

They are counted among the classic cleansing therapies and are used successfully for the many problems of the head and neck.

This will surprise modern man, but the Ear Candle dates from the time when disease, therapy, And religion were still closely linked.

In order to obtain the best possible effect, we create a relaxed atmosphere,

and both ears are always treated, ear after ear, to promote the energetic balance.

In addition to the purifying effect of this therapy, it also provides a wonderful feeling of relaxation and a rare sensation of happiness and security.


During the treatment you also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious warm oil massage beforehand.

Your body will come to rest, where the treatment will give it an even better expression and your body and mind will come into balance.

"For complete relaxation"

"Combine your ear candle therapy with a massage"


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