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What is Reiki?

Reiki may sound like hocus pocus to you.

The term Reiki comes from the Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki”. “Rei” means Universal and “Ki” stands for life energy.

And you know, actually we all use it unconsciously, maybe you do too.

Think of, if a child has fallen, the familiar rubbing on the painful spot with the kiss on it.

Or if we have a headache, stomachache without thinking, we put our hands on the painful places.

We all have Reiki in us which is nothing but life energy.

Reiki is a method that works with this universal life energy.

It is an ancient natural healing method that we all consciously or unconsciously apply daily.

Experience teaches us that holding on to and cherishing the area of pain decreases the pain.


For whom?

Reiki is for all of us from young to old.

Reiki is used for everything that lives around us, people, animals and even plants.

Reiki healing is therefore applied to many complaints.

Our immune system absorbs the universal life energy to ensure that we become less susceptible,

to diseases and heal faster if we do catch something.

Our energy intake can be disrupted or blocked for various reasons, which directly affects our health.

We get out of balance and get physical complaints for which a cause can or cannot be found.

Reiki ensures that the ability to absorb energy is restored, so that our immune system can do its job properly again.

It cleans up waste products and ensures that our organs can function better again.

If there are psychological complaints, Reiki can provide more inner peace and strength.

In this way Reiki supports the self-healing capacity of body and mind, so that complaints or illnesses can partially or completely disappear.

Reiki treatment

What does a treatment look like?

During the treatment you will sit on the treatment table.

During a Reiki treatment you keep your clothes on.

With the exception if you have opted for massage in combination with Reiki, you only keep your underwear on.

During the massage I will cover your body completely with towels.

During the treatment I place my hands in various places on the head, body and legs.

I can also keep them above it if needed.During the treatment I function as a conduit of energy (medium)

The energy that comes in through me flows through me through my hands to the person I am treating.

You can compare it a bit with a battery that has run out and is recharged via a different channel.

So it can function again.

That is actually what happens during a Reiki treatment.

You have a physical or mental block that prevents the energy (flow) from functioning properly.

I, as a medium, give the flow, as it were, give you new energy by laying the hand on it and thus dissolve the blockage.

As a result, you feel more in balance and experience relief from pain.

Reactions that can occur during or after a treatment:

  • my hands feel warm or cold to you• you can get it hot or cold yourself
  • You feel a tingling where my hands are
  • Bubbling guts: something comes loose
  • Extra tiredness and thirst
  • Your body feels light or heavy
  • You need sleep, this relaxes you
  • Maybe you need a conversation; the tension has to come out
  • Pent up or unprocessed emotions can be released, such as sadness, anger or fear
  • You feel a deep relaxation.

It is important to drink some extra water after the treatment.

This helps the body get rid of harmful substances.


I (Marijke) am a Reiki master and moreover clear feeling.

Which means that I can experience your pain and emotions myself, this is not annoying, but very nice for you and me.

Because this means that I am able to find and name the pain points and emotions flawlessly.

But I am not a doctor or miracle doctor and therefore always advise first in case of complaints,

Consult a regular doctor, so that he can assess what is wrong with you and apply the necessary treatment!

Combine Reiki with Massage

During the Reiki treatment you also have a choice to enjoy a delicious warm oil massage beforehand.

Your body comes to rest where the Reiki treatment is even better expressed and your body and mind come into balance.

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  • For various physical complaints
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  • Enegetic massage
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  • Soothes pain in chronic complaints
  • Provides peace of mind in case of stress and fatigue
  • Gives new energy
  • Suitable for pregnancy


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